Making an impact on our youth.

Making an impact in our community.

Our Vision.

We have a unique and powerful role to play in improving our community simply by doing what we do everyday. It’s our people that make our company great, and it’s great people that help a company succeed. We strive to continue to make our team proud of the company they work for.

Part of that pride comes from stepping out into our community and looking for opportunities that can make someones daily life easier.

How we do it.

Every year we set goals. Goals that will result in a better community and that will specifically help our city’s youth. Every year we complete at least 4 projects that will have an impact on our youth, on marginalized communities, on families in need, and with organizations that have a proven track record for making an impact in the lives of people in our city.

"New paint may seem like a simple thing, but for youth who've experienced homelessness and much instability, it means a home that they can take pride in - a place they want to come home to. The work by Zoom is greatly appreciated by both residents and staff, and we can't thank you enough!"


This is who we partner with.

Calgary John Howard Society

The Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) is a charity that has been reducing crime and making Calgary communities safer since 1949 by helping youth and adults make positive changes and move away from criminal behaviour.

The CJHS address the root causes of crime by providing education, employment programs, housing and support so that teens have alternatives to breaking the law.

LGBTQ2A+ Community

An alarming amount of our gay, lesbian and transgendered youth are at an increased risk for suicide. Calgary LGBTQ2 youth are 14 times more at risk of suicide than their heterosexual counterparts.

We wish to see Calgary step up as a safe, diverse and accepting place for all of its citizens, especially our struggling youth. As such, we work along side the City of Calgary, Calgary’s universities and colleges as well as the Calgary Pride Committee to do our part in creating a city free from discrimination, while continuing the conversation of diversity, with respect and dignity.

Calgary Food Bank

The Calgary Food Bank is the city’s main charitable food hub and the first line of support for anyone facing a food emergency. Addressing ones food situation is the first step in triaging the emergency. After that, the Food Bank makes critical connections for visitors in order to support a path towards better living.