Brand Design Overview

The Zoom Painting logo includes the mark and the wordmark. These elements have been exactly positioned and proportionally fine tuned.

The mark is the graphic element of the letter “Z” to the left of the wordmark. The wordmark is a custom designed typographic treatment of the Zoom painting name.


Electric Blue




Dark Grey


Light Grey


Warm White



Caros Soft, lowercase


Document Header/Paragraph (Gsuite)

Header: 18px

Generate Lorem Ipsum placeholder text.

Paragraph: 12px

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Horizontal Lockup

Our horizontal, primary orientation should be used most often, as it is the most visually appealing and legible orientation of them all.

Vertical Lockup

The vertical orientation should be used for small and vertical applications where the primary orientation becomes less legible.

Mark Only

Restricted use, as our mark is still relatively new – it should only be used when brand recognition is already established or when spaces don’t allow for full logo (ie. app tile).

Zoom Painting Logo Blue

It’s important that we maintain a consistent approach in showcasing our logo and our brand. Consistency is the key to building brand equity.

If in doubt, contact our brand lead at